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Taking care of your body, starting with what Nature offers. Thanks to cannabidiol and other hemp derivatives, you can forget dry skin, itching, redness and muscle tension.

Why continue with the body routine

Health and feeling good about oneself is not acquired only with a skin-care routine that knows how to enhance the natural beauty of one’s face, but it is necessary to involve our body at 360 °.

Purexis Laboratories, analyzing and testing the effects of CBD and hemp extracts, came to the conclusion that CBD can be a useful ingredient in the skincare, reducing the signs of skin aging.

Three are the products that will revolutionize the sensations you will feel when you caress your body


Purederm Soothing and Anti-redness Lotion

Are you familiar with the feeling of very dry and chapped skin due to winter temperatures or particularly windy days? Purexis Laboratories have found the perfect remedy to counteract these symptoms with a winning product: the Purederm Lotion. It acts directly on the dryness factor, and the skin will be much more comfortable and less reactive thanks to its components: tocopherol and colostrum promote cell renewal, while cardiospermum, urea and white willow reduce the sensation of itching and the urge to scratch.


Purebalm Massage Balm

And for sports people or those who feel soreness following physical exertion? And for those who spend a lot of time in the same position, then feeling muscle stiffening? The Purexis Laboratories have also thought of them with the Purebalm – Massage Balm. Three are the components that make this product a winner: arnica montana and natural camphor, which promote an emollient effect and prevent the exacerbation of pain, plus menthol, which relieves pain thanks to its analgesic and refreshing effect. CBD, hemp oil, and safe and non-psychoactive hemp extracts are perfect for:

  • Relieving local pain;
  • Reducing muscle tension;
  • Soothing inflammation and tension.


Moisturizing, toning and elasticising Body lotion

The unpleasant sensation of “sticky skin”, which one experiences following the application of any cream on the body, is precisely what Purexis has decided to avoid, offering its customers a new product: the moisturizing, toning and elasticizing Body Lotion. It has a light texture and promotes greater skin elasticity and tone; rose water and walnut husk oil are also essential components: spread it gently and your body will be fresh and invigorated!


Based on our direct experience with hemp extracts and other botanicals with physiological effects recognized by the scientific literature, we found a positive synergy between the properties of cannabidiol highlighted to date and other plant extracts that had similar effects. Also for our cosmetic line we have selected every single ingredient, so that they could act in synergy with the other active botanicals in the same formulation in carefully balanced proportions.

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