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Guided by the experience gained in over 10 years in the pharmaceutical sector, the Purexis researchers have chosen to dedicate their studies to the dermatological potential of a plant with a thousand resources: Hemp.

From the very beginning, the researchers of Purexis SA, an independent pharmaceutical company born in the heart of Canton Ticino, have decided to trust Nature. Already since 2011, when CBD was still little known as a source of well-being for the skin, Purexis has been interested in the benefits of Hemp. What at the time was a blind faith in the potential of Nature, thanks to scientific research, is now a real cosmetic line.

Thanks to their research, the Purexis experts have developed several solutions with beneficial effects starting from CBD, the chemical component of Hemp mostly known for its relaxing effect. Scientifically called Cannabidiol, it has also proved to be a precious ingredient for the care and well-being of our skin, and a valuable help in providing relief to the whole body in case of localized pain and muscle tension.

At the origin of the first dermatological tests and inducement for further investigations on the functions of CBD there was an annoying skin problem of one of the members of the Purexis team, whose symptoms could only be relieved with the application of creams with cortisone content. All with unsatisfactory results for our colleague because these creams could only be applied for no longer than 10 days, insufficient in her case to relieve long-term itching, redness and chapping. The researchers then experimented with CBD in different formulations to maximize skin absorption and evaluated the most effective concentrations for the desired effects. The anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing and antioxidant activity of Cannabidiol, skilfully balanced by the researchers with other ingredients of natural origin, have proven highly effective in preventing and relieving symptoms such as itching, redness and chapping.

Not only that, the researchers also found significant improvements in those who do not have particular skin problems: continuing the research on the methods of action of CBD at a dermatological level, in fact, the researchers were able to enthusiastically attest its marked antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-aging activity. CBD was then wisely balanced with other ingredients and the result crystallized in our Anti-aging Day Cream. After constant application, the skin is more toned, healthy and young in just a few weeks.

The experts, then, tested the benefits of Cannabidiol on their own skin. From their findings, they took the inspiration to expand their research more and more. It is after years of study and concrete results like these that Purexis decided not to focus solely on pharmaceutical and nutraceutical solutions, but to create a complete line of CBD-based cosmetics. Starting with the Anti-aging Day Cream, a must-have product particularly loved for its fluid and light texture which is easily absorbed, an entire CBD-routine was formulated for the well-being of our customers’ skin, body and hair.

The results are outstanding, but this is not surprising: after all, Nature and Science are a perfect match, and the beneficial properties of CBD are no mystery to Purexis researchers. The effectiveness of our formulations was certified through lab tests performed by independent laboratories, whose reports confirm exciting results on the specific properties of CBD in each cosmetic product of the line. In addition to the scientific evidence, there is also the positive feedback from customers who have experienced the beneficial effects of CBD on their skin.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our philosophy, which is why we invest every day in Research & Development to formulate new specific and cosmetic solutions based on Cannabidiol.Trust the perfect balance between Nature and Research. Trust CBD.


Why CBD is effective on the skin

Cannabidiol has the ability to bind to receptors which are particularly abundant in our skin.

This type of chemical is therefore able to “communicate” with our skin on a biological level.

Why Purexis is different


Cannabidiol has the ability to bind to receptors which are particularly abundant in our skin.

The skin itself, carrying out its role of protective barrier, produces cannabinoids. The so-called “endocannabinoids” are lipid molecules produced by the body to respond to various kinds of stimuli, both external (ultraviolet rays, pollution, smoke, temperature variations, …) and internal (stress, poor diet, hormonal changes, drugs, … ). They also play an action in the control of pain in the central nervous system, and in recent years they have also been studied for their role in the skin processes. Endocannabinoids are, in fact, involved in the regulation of various biological processes, such as the growth of skin cells and the production of mediators such as cytokines by these cells. By modulating the production of cytokines in skin cells, endocannabinoids perform an anti-inflammatory action; they also act directly on immune system cells which are present in the skin, by binding with CB1 and CB2 receptors. For this reason, it is believed that endocannabinoids and their receptors are part of the adaptive immune system involved in the regulation of skin inflammation. And since skin inflammation is the enemy of collagen, CBD has also proved to be a valid ingredient for reducing the signs of aging.

Revolutionary because unlike, for example, vitamin C or hyaluronic acid, they do not act directly on the skin but mainly act as “transmitters” to the skin cells.

Purexis cosmetics have successfully passed all tests



Constant and rigorous selection of suppliers, exclusively among those who can guarantee the highest quality of each ingredient used, and scrupulous qualitative selection of each ingredient


Anecdotal customer feedback: testimonials, product satisfaction feedback forms, impressions, studies of the effect and cosmetic properties of a product through consumer self-assessments, and internal statistics


Stability tests in order to asses that the cosmetic product maintains the same required chemical and physical quality standards, safety standards, functionality and pleasantness during its whole commercial life.


Analysis to exclude contamination from heavy metals and other contaminations of products and packaging materials


Challenge tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the preservative system in the cosmetic product during ist production, storage and entire period of use by the final consumer.


Patch Tests: dermatological tests to exclude any allergic reactions to the products


Analysis of packaging material compliant with CH and EU standards


Absence of CMR substances in products (cancerogenic, mutagen and reprotoxic for the reproductive system)


Absence of Nanomaterials and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in ingredients and products


Tests on consumer samples: feedback from independent laboratories about the testing of products by a selected sample of consumers.

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