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Simplicity and constancy: these are the real secrets of the perfect beauty routine. Create your own beauty ritual with Purexis face creams. Natural ingredients and hemp derivatives will pamper you from day to night.

Why the combination with some ingredients and the reason for this choice

Purexis face creams will become the perfect ally to ensure the well-being of your skin

CBD and hemp extracts ensure effective skin barrier function, reducing skin irritation and acting as a shield against dry skin.
This is made possible thanks to a perfect skin-care routine: the products of our Laboratory will accompany you step by step.

Three are the products that will revolutionize the sensations you feel when you caress your face


The Anti-aging Day Cream

Dry skin will no longer be your concern thanks to the Anti-aging Day Cream! Rice bran oil and wheat germ oil provide deep hydration that will last all day long without the annoying “greasy skin effect”.


The Anti-aging Night Cream

The sleeping hours are crucial for our psycho-physical well-being; for this reason, it is very important to moisturize your face before going to sleep. Colostrum and sweet clover extract promote skin regeneration and stimulate collagen production. The next morning you will wake up as fresh as a rose!


The Soothing and Anti-redness Face Mask

The moisturizing and toning properties of mallow and white willow restore the skin to its natural balance; arnica and turmeric, in addition, are perfect for those suffering from skin blemishes and redness.

Any time of the day is good for providing relief to reddened and stressed skin: try it even after your hair removal and facial cleansing routine to reduce redness and swelling!


Based on our direct experience with hemp extracts and other botanicals which physiological effects are recognized by the scientific literature, we found a positive synergy between the properties of cannabidiol highlighted to date and other plant extracts that had similar effects. Also for our cosmetics we have selected every single ingredient, so that they could act in synergy with the other active botanicals in the same formulation in carefully balanced proportions.

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